Friday, October 2nd, 2020

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Excursions · EXCURSIONS 001 - EDDIE C

Words: Bad Lieutenant

Self-taught musician, avid skier, label honcho, globe-trotter, renaissance man. The dynamic lifestyle of Eddie C is emblematic of the Excursions brand, making the Canadian producer and DJ a perfect fit for the maiden voyage of our new series. 

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Eddie C’s musical tastes were influenced by the sounds emanating from the surrounding cities of Detroit, Toronto and Montreal.  His first foray into music production as a teen came in the form of tape-edit experiments inspired greatly by radio. His journeys to record shops and raves in the aforementioned cities exposed him to the world of Acid-House and Techno, igniting his passion for electronic music, which eventually led to a career in radio, music production and DJing. 

Recognized as a pioneer of the Slo-mo Disco and House scene, Eddie’s musical adventures were counterbalanced by a love of skiing, culminating in a 10 year furlough in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.  It was here in his log cabin studio that Eddie released many of the productions revered by DJs and vinyl enthusiasts around the world on labels such as Endless Flight, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music and Crue-L, to name a few.

In 2011, Eddie C relocated to Berlin where he found a new musical home and launchpad for his label Red Motorbike. He's been detonating dance floors there ever since. At the time this mix was released, Eddie was heading out on an excursion to the Carpathian mountains with his wife.  He was able to answer a few questions for us while on the train about life during Covid and what’s next for the disco.


Where and how was the mix recorded?

At my home studio in Berlin Wedding.  All vinyl (all-the-time) and an almost broken 2-channel Rane mixer on loan to me from The Mole.  I take frugality to the next level except when it comes to records.  Records come first over everything except food and beer I suppose.  

Without clubs open, what's the best COVID decompress? 

Probably the adventure that we've just undertaken.  After 9 years to the day my wife and I have left Berlin.  It was a beautiful summer and quite possibly the best city to have had to live through something as unusual as a global pandemic, but regardless we've wanted a change for some time now.  For now we've put everything in storage and are headed East and South to the mountains for the Fall.  No idea what will happen as it's impossible to plan too far in advance these days but we're looking forward to breathing some fresh air and taking things one day at a time. 

What exactly has it been like in Berlin this summer?

Looser than anticipated.  Although clubs are still not really open, many of them have turned into Biergartens with music.  All bars are open.. it's not exactly clear to me what the rules are.. but it seems loose.  In true Berlin fashion, Berghain just had a nude Biergarten the other week.  Nude but with masks probably… who knows.. unfortunately I did not attend.   

If you could be anywhere in the world right now listening to this mix, where would it be? 

It was a pleasure to put a number of mixes together this summer for various folks around the globe.  This one was perfect right in the room where I heard it the first time! Perhaps I'll throw it on for a re-listen in our rental car tomorrow as we head south from Krakow.  I hope you have fun with it! 

 Check out this cut from Eddie C on his strictly 45 Red Motorbike label.And support Eddie C by following the links below.  It's Bandcamp Friday and Eddie has a special deal of the first 9 Red Motorbike releases for just 9 Euros.  Get them while you can!

Eddie C Bandcamp

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 Stay tuned for Excursions 002 dropping next weekend...