Rod Rosales, Founder and Owner of S/ZERUN SUPPLY, has been in the fashion and design industry for the better part of the 21st century.  Rod has worked with several large brands, where he owned the strategy and design executions of several successful product lines.  During his tenure, Rod not only elevated brands with innovative designs, he also partnered with tastemakers, influencers and artists to connect with both new and current customers.  

In the 1980’s, Rod began collecting highly sought-after streetwear, ranging from high-end purveyors to skate fashion, with a long-term dream in mind.  In 2015, after years of working as a leader in lifestyle and sportswear design, Rod decided to pursue another one of his interests.

This dream become a reality with the launch of S/ZERUN SUPPLY, which allowed Rod to showcase his personally curated archive of streetwear in his own retail space.  Not only has S/ZERUN SUPPLY become a place where Boston fashion aficionados shop, it’s also become a destination location for fellow enthusiasts/collectors, musicians, artists, skaters, athletes, creative and business-minded entrepreneurial types to connect.  With Rod’s unique vibe, it has become a draw both domestically and internationally.

S/ZERUN SUPPLY's popular social media presence has enabled Rod to connect with numerous high-profile musicians, athletes, and influencers, several of whom have collaborated with Rod on various musical and fashion events.  Years of work in the business and a dedicated vision have brought both Rod and S/ZERUN SUPPLY into one of the most exciting and successful streetwear destinations.