December 11, 2020
Morocco --->  Boston


Words: SUMJ

Azzeddine is a Moroccan-born, Boston-based multi-disciplinary artist with a career in both visual design and music. When it comes to Azzeddine’s music, his broader artistic awareness grants him a unique vision to curate smooth sets: he inherently knows how to engage a crowd. His selection is a mixture of new and old-school House music, blended with lush Disco and Electro sounds from many eras and all areas of the world.

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Q: How are you? Hope you and your family are safe and healthy.  How have you been coping during these crazy COVID times?  

A: I’ve been doing pretty ok lately, trying to navigate these unprecedented times while taking care of my loved ones. Been spending a lot of time learning new synths and broadening my art.

Q: I miss seeing your spinning live, how has quarantining impacted you and how you connect musically with audiences?

A: I miss the club scene and dancing, but we got to be patient until we're safe to do it again. 

Q: Loving the mix and can’t wait to share it.  How has your own background and global excursions influenced the mix and how you select?

A: I grew up in Morocco where I was lucky to discover at a younger age a variety of music genres. Given its location in North Africa, it has always been the host of artistic waves from all corners of the globe.

Q: What’s your favorite record in your collection right now? 

A: Wamdue Kids ‎– These Branching Moments...A timeless record here. The sophistication and warmth of this album are unmatched. 

Q: Favorite track on the mix?

A: USG - Ncameu (Ron Trent Main Mix) 

Q: The last year has been challenging for everyone, but especially artists.  How are you surviving?  Have you welcomed the break from clubbing to focus on other things?  If so, what have you been channeling your energies into?

A: I’ve been fortunate to keep my day job as a Designer. I’ve been channeling my energy through my music productions which will hopefully see the day sometime next year. I cannot stress enough that during these trying times, compassion and kindness go a long way since, as you know, a lot of people lost their stream of income and for many their future remains in limbo. We should not lose sight of what’s going on around us, be kind to others and keep focusing on creative expression.

Q: What are your influences aside from music? Art, film, culture, etc.?

A: Cinema has a great influence on me as an individual and the way I approach Aesthetics. I enjoy watching independent films by the likes of Bergman, Pedro Costa, and Wong Kar Wai. I’ve been hooked lately by the work of Takehiko Inoue which I highly recommend. 

Q: What inspired you to select and spin?
A: I would say my love for the sonic waves and vibrations. I consider myself a giver, so becoming a selector to share my taste with a broader audience was a natural evolution. 

Q: Desert island DJ question: You get to select 10 records (LP, 12” or 45s), what are they?

A: In no particular order: 

Underground Resistance ‎– A Hitech Jazz Compilation [Submerge Recordings]

Loose Ends ‎– Look How Long [10 Records]

Gigi Masin – Wind [The Bear On The Moon Records]

Welcome To Paradise Vol. I, II & III - Italian Dream House [Safe Trip]

Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion [Mute]

Faith No More ‎– King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime [Slash]

Cocteau Twins – Victorialand [4AD]

Mr. Fingers ‎– Introduction [MCA Records]

Fingers Inc. ‎– Another Side [Alleviated Music]

Cybotron ‎– Clear [Fantasy]

Q: If you could transport to one night in the past where would it be and what’s playing?

A: Last year when Beta Librae played an all-nighter @ Nowadays, New York….It was pure magic. 

Q: What city do you think is the best to disco?

A: New York

Q: What’s cooking for you in the New Year? 

A: To keep working on my own music production and release it to the world when it's ready.

Q: Once we are back to some semblance of “normal” - where do you want to spin again? If you could play in one city or space when clubbing gets back to normal, what would it be?

A: Social Studies parties at Good Life, Boston. My friend Alfredo and I are super excited for the reboot and we have some outstanding artists in the pipeline. Can’t wait for that to happen.

Q: If you could play in one city or space when clubbing gets back to normal, what would it be?

A: Panorama Bar in Berlin. 

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