Friday, December 4th, 2020


Words: Bad Lieutenant

Not much is known about Pete Blaker, and it seems he’d prefer to keep it that way.  What is known about the Leeuwarden (North of Amsterdam) based producer and DJ is that he has made a number of slick edits that, instead of being released to the public, have ended up in the more than capable hands of DJ Harvey and played in his sets around the globe.  

While Pete tends to keep it quiet, his productions and edits made a lot of noise at Pikes Ibiza where Harvey is a resident and in countless other locations on Harvey’s world tours. From what we've heard, Harv got some end of set ovations over Pete's edits.  Many track ID requests followed, but fans still haven't been able to track them down.

We were pleased to get a hold of Pete for our EXCURSIONS series.  He was kind enough to give us an exclusive hour mix composed of some of his favorites.  Even in social distance mode Pete’s mix is bound to get your heart racing and ready for a dancefloor.  Pete’s mix is perfect for the at-the-moment- imaginary disco that we hope will emerge in reality at some point in 2021. Just don't ask this man of mystery for any track IDs.


Hey Pete. Thanks for joining our series. We’re excited to have you on. How are you doing with this whole Covid lockdown thing?

I’m doing well. It feels like a reset for the world. Or maybe it’s my personal hope. I see and hear a lot of great new ways to communicate, to travel, to work. Only thing that’s missing from time to time is a sweaty, greasy, sticky dancefloor with some great people and music.

As stated above, not much is known about you. Why have you chosen to keep such a low profile?

I am just a local kid that loves to play records. I started collecting around 1990. And before that I made my own pause button mixtapes. My real dj-ing started in a club called Rock It (Leeuwarden). Where I played 2 nights a week for 4 years long. From 22:00 till 06:00 in the morning. Around 1994 till 1998. It was that type of club where you could play a good garage track, but also more commercial stuff. That weekly residency crafted my selecting skills.
After that period I had several local spots to play, until i joined a collective that was called Liquid. With them we organized our own parties at unusual spots with nu musical boundaries.

What inspired you to get into the world of dance music?

First love was a cd compilation called Turn up the Bass. Second was a radio program called For Those Who Like To Groove by Robin Alberts. Every week he played the first hour all the underground and import tracks that where hot at that time. And the second hour there was a live dj set from the biggest dj’s that we had in the Netherlands at that time. Unfortunately the program had to stop. And I bought my first set of turntables, beltdrive with a tiny knob as pitch. But it worked. First time i mixed a record at the same speed was pure magic!!
How was the relationship between you and Harvey established?

I don’t know if we can call it a relationship. But I think we love the same music.  
But it started with me foolin around with some tracks to edit. For fun. I made a France Gall edit and some other things. And at some time I was thinkin, whats the biggest untouched balearic track to cut up. I found that Queen track, and also found out no one ever did a edit.

After I finished it, it sounded really cheesy but also very nice. A friend of mine, Geert Jan, told me, the only one who can drop this one at the right time at the right place and get away with it, is Harvey. So I send it over. And everything started from there…..

Is there a Harvey favorite edit you’d be willing to share with us?

I love the edit I made of Neil Young track. Harveyst Moon. There is somewhere a recording on the net of Harvey playin that one. Bali’s New Years Eve party 2019-2020.

What are your plans after Covid lockdown ends?
pete_blaker's profile picture
I hope to visit my digital musical friend Artwork at some point. And hopefully book a flight to Pikes for 2021. And musically there are some idea’s to release some edits.

How was this mix recorded? What are your highlights from the mix? Where and when should one listen to it?

This mix is a 1 take mix that includes 4 original tracks. 1 from myself and 3 I made with musical friends Pim and Leon. The other tracks are from my vinyl collection. Hope you will enjoy! I did.

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