November 20, 2020

OVER&OVER® is a DJ collective curating experiences in music, design, and apparel. OVER&OVER® originated from intimate events hosted at SIZERUN SUPPLY®, a popular Boston retail shop with a deep and diverse streetwear collection from years in the apparel industry.

While SIZERUN SUPPLY® formally closed the doors to its brick and mortar location during the height of the Covid pandemic, the passion for connecting and expanding local cultures continues for its owner and affiliates.

OVER&OVER® aims to offer ongoing cultural experiences through various collaborations with djs, brands, local businesses, and creatives, integrating the three things that shape today’s culture: music, fashion and art. To this end, the “EXCURSIONS” series launched in October 2020, showcasing djs and labels from around the globe as well as local spaces, brands, artists, exhibitions, and pop-up shops.

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